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The Bunsen 2.0 Stuffie Pre-Order!
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We are also pawsitively excited to tell you that 5% of the proceeds of the Bunsen pre order will be donated so that we fund the ability for underprivileged kids to attend a science camp
 You never know what Spark will set off the next scientist

Holy Mooselegs - we have ONE shipping price for the stuffies! 
 This means no matter how many you get you only charged ONE shipping price.
Don’t tell dadguy!

Holy Mooseleg, it's a replica of ME!

This Ginormous 12 Inch chunky Bunsen Stuffie 2.0 is a must have! 

It is nearly DOUBLE the size of the original stuffie.

It's Massive and Fluffy like me, which is perfect for a cold night, warm day or anytime cuddles. 

It's also a great stuffie to engage and inspire everyone with science!

Each stuffie comes with a fun lab experiment, an exclusive sticker and a certificate of pawthenticity.

Bunsen Stuffie 1.0 sold out with rave reviews so the humans went to work upgrading it.

Our family put a ton of love into designing a stuffie that has my warm caring eyes, smile and also my enormous tongue.

Bunsen 2.0 is huge, soft, and brainy.

We know you'll love me. I mean it. HA!

Bonus #1

Fun Lab Experiment

Bonus #2

Exclusive Mystery Bubble-Free sticker

Bonus #3

Certificate of Pawthenticity

Benefits to Pre-ordering Now

  • Support: 5% of the proceeds of the Bunsen presale will be donated so that we fund the ability for underprivileged kids to attend a science camp.
  • Holiday Prep: Bunsen 2.0 makes a perfect gift for yourself, a loved one, etc. so order now and be prepared for the holidays.
  • ​​Collector Edition: You will own a Limited Edition Bunsen Stuffie. Bunsen 1.0 is no longer available.
  • More Bunsen 2.0's: By pre-ordering we will know exactly how many Bunsen's 2.0's to create for you and the rest of the Paw Pack!
  • Gift Prep: Be prepared for future Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, going away gifts (someone going away to school, leaving the city, state, country, etc.), travel companion, etc. 

So Don't Wait!

How Soon Will I Recieve My Order?
This is a Pre-Order. Bunsen 2.0 will take approximately 5 months. Be ready for the holidays! 
We will update you at the very least once a month.  
Questions? [email protected]
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This adorable Beaker 1.0 Stuffie stands 10 inches tall, 10 inches wide at the base (5 inches wide at the top) and conforms to all North American safety toy standards. 

These are in limited quantities for 2022 are an instant collectable (but a HUGGABLE collectable).

*Beaker 1.0 Stuffie should arrive within 2 weeks of order within US and Canada.
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